Animal Blessings

Blessing of Animals

It is the conviction of the Orthodox Catholic Christian faith that all creation is Holy. It is said that, “Everything that lives and breathes is sacred and beautiful in the eyes of God.

We believe it is the responsibility of human beings to love, honor and care for God’s earth, that he created and blessed every creature that swims in its oceans, walks or crawls on its soil or flies in its skies.

For this reason, we set aside time to honor God by Blessing His Animals, which have brought so much joy and happiness and have adorned our lives and the earth.

While we set aside two special days for animal blessings, the Feast of Saint Anthony January 17th, and the Feast of Sant Francis October 4th, we will Bless Animals at any time of the year someone may need – all we ask is advanced notice.

Contact one of the monks at or call 915.213.3738 for more information.