House Blessing

While it is customary to perform House Blessings on January 6th – Theophany, we are typically asked if we can perform them at any time of the year, the answer is YES.

It is customary, to invite a Priest to bless your home with holy water within a few weeks following Theophany, however, if you believe you need a house blessing before this time, please give us a call.

We ask that you prepare by cleaning the house and opening and lighting all the rooms.

We will be bringing with us:

  • Icon of Christ
  • Candle
  • Holy Water
  • Incense & burner

It is ideal for all family members to be present for the house blessing, but it is not required. House Blessings are a yearly tradition.

According to Orthodox tradition, holy water has the power to sanctify and heal. Each member of the house should bless themselves with Holy Water during the house blessing.

You may keep the unused holy water in your home for future use in times of adversity, before starting a new venture or trip, to give thanks, or when someone is ill.

Anoint yourself when you feel spiritually afflicted.

To rid the house of evil, it should be sprinkled in the four corners of each room, so no one will step on it. In rural Greece the holy water is sprinkled in the fields and on the animals.

If you desire a house blessing at any time of the year, please contact us at or call 915.213.3738.