Live Like a Monk


We’ve been asked, “Father, how can I live you? How can I like a monk”? Our response was;

  1. Listen to God and you will hear him say, “walk with Me, talk with Me”.
  2. Be thankful for everything you have and never complain. Love the life God has given you.
  3. Never forget God, He should come before everything in your life.
  4. Nothing comes before prayer. Set a prayer rule best to fit your lifestyle and keep to that rule.
  5. Love all of God’s creatures
  6. Don’t speak to much. Love silence more than talking.
  7. Humble yourself and consider the needs of others first.
  8. Love God more than anything in the world.
  9. Hate no one. Hate the sin, not the sinner.
  10. Do not let distractions keep you from speaking to God; social media and the internet can keep us from hearing God’s call.
  11. Study the bible, work to live, pray for the world & help those in need.
  12. Be not excessive in anything but prayer.
  13. Glorify God in all things
  14. Get closer to God every day.
  15. Let Jesus live in and trough you in all you do.