What Do We Wear

Our Monks wear one of two items. We wear these items from the time we awake until evening.

These are either the Habit which we always wear in Chapel for Mass and Divine Office…

We always wear the Habit for Mass & Divine Office.










or we may wear our basic uniform which consists of Shirt, Pants. Sandals & Three Bar Crucifix for the Professed Monk.

Monks shirt without Collar

Uniform Pants




















Monks who are Ordained to the Diaconate or Priesthood may wear a Clerical Collar with their monastic Shirt.

Monastic Shirt with Collar for Ordained Deacons & Priests.











The Three Bar Crucifix is worn by Priests, Deacons & Monks in Solemn Profession (Stavrophore & the Great Angelic Schema).

The Three Bar Cross worn by Clergy & Professed Monastic.